Best Android Messaging App For Texting And Sending Sms


Best android messaging app for texting and sending sms with new pattern and themes. AndroidSwift is presenting a review of some best android sms app. If you bored with the inbuilt text sending app of android then we are sharing some awesome apps for you. All apps are ranked one by one. You can easily choose best for you as per your requirements. These apps have some extra features and amazing themes. There are also customize able themes by which you can make any design dark or light as per your desire. Just read the full review and select best text app for android phone.

Best android messaging app reviews

1. Textra SMS

best text app for android

It is ranked one in sms apps for android and included lots of extra features. You can select any theme you want either dark or light. It includes floating lollipop notifications and bubbles. Contains sms and mms sending and receiving features. Also supports scheduled message and auto video compression. It is freeware android apps with amazing features. Just download it for free from google playstore.

2. Hello SMS

best text app for android

It is simple android sms app like google messenger. It also supports MMS function. It is also free android app. It contains all features like sms mms video compression and audio sending etc. It is easy to use and very simple app. You can get it for free from google store and install in your android phone.

3. Chomp SMS

best android sms app

It is also a best android messaging app.Chomp sms is very customize able app. You can select and customize any theme you want. It is pretty good and contains lots if design. You can get more crazy emojis and can send to friends. You can also customize text and font. It is also available on android market for free.

4. Handcent Next SMS

Best Android Messaging App

Handcent contains pretty cool features. You can also send message from computer. It is also customize able app. It also contains bulk message service. It is also secure and can protect message by password. You can also receive and send V Cards. You can also download it from Android market for free.

5. GO SMS Pro

android text message app

GO Sms pro contains lots of free themes and layouts. Its dark themes are amazing. It is also supported by dual sim phones. The app name contains pro but it is free software. There are many more features on app like go chat, Sms blocker, Private box and popup etc. You can download it from google playstore for free.

These all are the best messaging app for android. Select anyone from it and enjoy amazing features on sms. Enjoy more amazing reviews and suggestions from AndroidSwift. Subscribe our newsletter to get latest updates in your email. Also join us on social networks.





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