Best Power Banks Under 1000 Rupees For Smartphones


AndroidSwift presenting a review of best power banks under 1000 Indian Rupees. As you know about the smartphones which have lots of features and functions. Therefore it requires more power to run all the functions and features. Thats why smartphones have less battery backup than normal phones. Specially the android phones, when you run internet on android phone with 3g or 4g band then battery will drain fast. Then the power banks are launched to full fill this problem of smartphones. The big problem is that, which power bank is best for your smartphone. Hence we selected some power banks which are best for smartphones. Also those power banks are cheap with good configurations. Therefore we are sharing review of best power banks under 1000 rs for smart phones. In this review you will get all power banks details and specifications one by one according to rank. As we sharing a review by rank so on the number one the power bank will be best. And then two and three and more. So just read review carefully and chose power banks which is best for you.

Best power banks under 1000 rs for smartphones

1. Ambrane P-1310 13000 mah

best power banks under 1000 rs

It is best power bank for smartphones as it has good capacity of 13000 mAh. Although its price on website is 1199 rs but it always in offer on flipkart app. So download flipkart app and get this for 999 rs only. We recommended it best because it has all features of power banks which required for smartphones.

Key features
13000 mAh capacity.
Portable charger available.
Led torches are also included.
Light indicators available.
On / Off Buttons are also available.


2. MI 10400 mAh power bank

Best power banks under 1000

Xiaomi power banks are always out of stock because these products are always good. We ranked it on second because now a days its hard to get mi power banks. Also its capacity is 10400 which is less than Ambrane p power bank. Thats all ! only due to this cause we ranked it second. Its price is also 999 rs.

Key features
10400 mAh capacity.
250 gram weight.
Lithium-Ion rechargeable cells.
Light indicators are also available.
On / Off Button also available.


3. Power Ace PRP10400A Rapid Power 10400 mAh

best power banks under 1000

Power Ace is also good brand for power banks. But it is optional because user always try to get Mi power banks. If mi is out of stock then they comes to get these power bank. Power ace is also best brand like mi and ambrane. Its price is also 999 rs and capacity is 10400 mah.

Key features
10400 mAh Capacity.
6 Hrs charging time required.
Iphone 4 and Iphone 4s connectors.
Smartphone charger best.
Li-Ion battery cell.



4. Intex Pb Power Bank K 11000 mAh

best power banks for smartphones

This power banks is best according to its price and capacity. 11000 mAh capacity only on rs 999 without any offer. Intex has also a good name it the tech products. Therefore we also suggested this as a good power bank with good features.

Key features
11000 mAh capacity.
Lithium-Ion Battery cell.
280 gram weight.
5v Output power.
Power source Ac Adapter.


These all are the best power banks under 1000 rs for smartphones. All are best for smartphones with good capacity. Just choose anyone of them and purchase it. We recommended the first one the Ambrane p power bank. Because it has capacity of 13000 mAh.

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