How To Root Any Android Phone By One Click


In this tutorial we will show you How to root any android phone by one click only. First of all you should know what is root and what will happen after rooting. Also what is pros and cons of rooting android phone. Basically root means to give super user access to your android phones. For example after rooting you can make any changes in your phone like to give full access to any app. To remove inbuilt app or make change in inbuilt applications. You can also install custom rom after rooting your android phone. These all changes you cannot make without root. Simply the rooting means to access your whole mobile function without any barrier. In past rooting android phone was some difficult. User have to download the custom recovery like cwm or teamwork as well as root file. Root file contains the super su codes and function. After installing custom recovery user had to install the root file. The process was too long and complicated. But now we are sharing how to root any android phone by one click only. Just read the tutorial and root your android phone.

How To Root Any Android Phone

Pros of rooting android phone

  • You will get super user access to your android phone.
  • Any application can be customized by super su.
  • You can install custom rom and app in your phone.
  • You can make changes in inbuilt android phone app.
  • In short you can access whole function of mobile phone.

Cons of rooting android phone

  • First of all the warranty of your mobile phone will gone after rooting.
  • The super su will make changes in your android apps and games.
  • Without proper knowledge of using rooted phone can affect phones functions.

How To Root Any Android Phone

How to root any android phone by one click only

  1. First of all enable USB debugging mode from developer option in setting.
  2. Make sure your phone battery is 30 % to 50 % charged.
  3. Now connect your mobile with computer by using USB Cable.
  4. Download kingo root for computer.
  5. Install and run the kingo root app in computer.
  6. Click on usb debugging mode and drivers will be install.
  7. Now your phones root status and model number will be shown on software.
  8. Bellow the phone status there will be a root button Just click on Root Button.
  9. Wait few minutes till it will download all necessary files and super su.
  10. Now you will see the notification that Root succeed.
  11. Enjoy the super user access.check root by root checker.

Video tutorial on how to root any android phone



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