Remotely Access Android Phone From PC Over The Internet


In this tutorial we will show you how to remotely access android phone from pc. Remote access means to control any device remotely by using other device. It means that without touching access other device from one device. The benefit of remote access is that you can control your various device from anywhere in the world. It is being used by various tech companies to solve the problem of customers. For example the software problem can be easily solved  by remote access. The employee does not need to go to the customers place for solving the software issues. Likewise sometimes we need to access android phone remotely from computer. If you want to solve some once phone software issue or other problem then you can remotely access android phone instead of visiting to the place. This method is very beneficial for tech companies. Now a days this method is very common and time saving. So just read the full tutorial and learn about remote access.

remotely access android phone

Benefits of remote access

  • Remote access to other devices are very time saving method.
  • Connect any device from anywhere in the world using internet.
  • Software problem can be easily solved by remote connection.
  • Students can also connect each other for learning practicals.
  • Best method for tech companies to solve the client problems.

How to remotely access android phone from pc

This method is based on teamviewer android app. Which is used for remote connection of devices. We also including the video tutorial of method for proper understanding. So just follow the bellow simple steps.

remotely access android phone

  1. First of all download teamviewer for android and install it.
  2. Download the teamviewer for computer and install it in pc.
  3. Open teamviewer in both devices computer and android phone.
  4. If you want private account then just singup on teamviewer.
  5. Now get the teamviewer id from android phone to connect in pc.
  6. Put that id in tv of pc and click on connect to partner.
  7. Notification will be appear in your android phone for authentication.
  8. Accept all notification and wait few seconds to establish a connection.
  9. Now you will see your mobile phone screen on your pc.
  10. Now access your android phone remotely and all apps of it.

Video tutorial on how to remotely access android phone from PC

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